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1. Greendale Is Where I Belong

2. If I Die Before You

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Brittany | 18 | Australia


"We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken." - John Green


semi-creative, pathologically lazy, full time student studying International Relations and Sociology at university. I like T.V. too much for my own good.

♥otp; i care what you think about me♥



Community and Game of Thrones are definitely my main fandoms, but I post about pretty much everything in my tags list


♥ Watching: Nothing! Suggest stuff to me

♥ Reading: Game of Thrones, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Pins in the map (fanfic)

♥ Waiting for: COMMUNITY s6 (WE MADE IT), GoT s5, TWD s5, TMP s3, PaR s7, Sherlock s4 (lol), Mad Men s7 part II, Call the Midwife s4, oitnb s3



Please tag me with this if you want me to see something. This is actually a side blog so I can't send asks from here directly. If I talk to you it will be through "districbaker"


I don't tag trigger warnings but if you would like me to please message me. I tag NSFW, although don't post it much. I tag spoilers for shows for about a day or two after it has aired and movies for about a week. Again, let me know if you would like something tagged.

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"I don’t believe in dibs, or love at first sight, or love, or best friends, or doing things, but it’s good you brought this to me” ~ Jeff Winger, S2E15

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